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What’s the Point of Content?

“Content” has become a bit of a buzzword in recent times. It’s a thing that every business knows it should be doing but doesn’t (or doesn’t do it well). You could say they’re not very content with their content.

Dad jokes aside, content marketing is about creating and nurturing an audience of potential future customers. Getting your content right means you become the default company when your customers are ready to buy.

Benefits of Content

An effective content strategy has many benefits:

SEO-Friendly Blogs

Making a blog SEO-friendly involves more than stuffing it full of keywords. You can spot them a mile away as they’re harder to read than the works of Shakespeare. (Apologies to any English professors, but come on, Shakespeare’s a not exactly a holiday-read.)

Nowadays, people ask Google complete questions rather than only a few words. These questions are known as “long tail keywords” and make perfect blog titles. So, if you have a blog on your website that directly answers one of your audience’s typical questions, it will appear in Google’s search results. The searcher then clicks through to your website, and they’re now in your world.

Our blog posts are informative, searchable and shareable, making it easy to attract visitors by solving their problems and answering their questions. Basically, our blogs are so SEO-friendly they go on family camping holidays together.

Share Your News

Our news sections are just as valuable, keeping your customers, suppliers, and partners informed of all your successes, employee achievements, leadership changes, reports, and charitable activities.

Our writers skilfully address all scenarios, ensuring your news content is informative, engaging and trustworthy.

Knowledge is Key

What makes our content writing services different? Our team understands a broad range of sectors and knows how to craft content that answers your audience’s questions. We work with you to find the right voice and promote your values to help your audience along the “Know, Like, Trust” journey to becoming a customer.

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