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Social Media

Dynamic, highly targeted advertising. Fast moving and interactive, social media requires careful management to reap the rewards.

Social Media Management – Give your company a personality

Social Media is fast becoming THE platform to sell your goods and services with intelligent digital marketing.

Posting must be consistent and often as the feeds move at breakneck pace and your chance to shine must stand out and be tempting. Furthermore, you need to be informative and entertaining to hold attention in such a competitive space. You are not only competing with other businesses but with the interaction between family and friends.

To keep attention, you must communicate within a specified time to be rated well. Responding or dealing with issues speedily is essential. Content should be varied and maintain a good ratio of entertainment, information and strategic, direct selling.

There is no better way to give your company a personality, a voice which reinforces your unique value. It requires consistent effort to win with social media, if you simply don’t have that time then look no further, we can help.

Choose the help you need

Off Piste can help with social media management in a variety of ways.

Dip your toes in the water with some in-house social media training. We love to help with informal sessions that are as enjoyable as they are informative.

Take a paddle with us as your social media management team, we post AS YOU for you each day, taking note of all the metrics such as when your audience is online and what works to consistently increase and establish your presence.

Dive right in and let us not only manage your social media but also design, launch and manage your paid and organic advertising campaigns. Local or nationwide we have up to the minute experience and a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure you touch pool side in the lead.

Come and have a coffee, decide which platforms would work well, if you are unsure we will help you.

We are a flexible.

Friendly hands-on teamwork is what we have built our success on.

We want to share that with you and help you make a splash!

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    We use simple techniques, to get your website found.

    Page & Profile Management

    For busy people, engaging with your target audience on social media is usually last on the list. Let us represent the personality of your brand to keep your customers talking.

    Social Media Advertising

    Communicating with your audience is one thing, but building it is something else. We will build an audience through social media advertising, for you to consistently reach out to.

    Social Media Training

    If you have the in-house resources, but just need some a little more knowledge; we will provide training to help you communicate with your audience on social media.

    Would you like a social media review of your company?