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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Your website looks great. Your clients love you but you need business growth and that means introducing yourself to potential new clients – It’s time for PPC.

PPC Advertising – Instant Exposure

PPC brings instant, targeted traffic to your website.

Your website looks great. Your clients love you and stay with you but you need your business to grow and that means introducing yourself to potential new clients.

But there is a problem. Your company is not amongst the first page of the search results and you know that’s where you want and need to be.

You want to be seen. The question is, where do you start?

Focused & Specific Targeting

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a service allowing you to ‘bid’ on keywords that you would like to appear for in the search results. Adverts appear in the ‘sponsored ads’ section of the search results page and you only pay when users click on your advert.

Google then directs highly targeted traffic to your website. Searchers have made very specific queries so are far more likely to inquire or purchase.

Paid advertising is available across platforms such as Google, Bing, YouTube and Facebook. Adverts can vary from simple text ads to image display adverts.

There are plenty of benefits with a PPC campaign. Not only is the advertising specific and focused, you are able to completely control how your brand is presented to the targeted audience, the location and time of day that they see you.

Combined with analytics and conversion tracking the PPC model can realise a real return on investment. Providing a full range of metrics, you can easily see which adverts prompt enquiries or sales.

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    We use simple techniques, to get your website found.

    Keyword Research

    We identify the keywords that your potential clients and customers are typing in to search engines to find your products and services.

    Text Ad Campaigns

    We create well-structured campaigns targeting keywords relating to your business, enticing potential customers to visit your website.

    Display & Banner Ads

    Display and banner advertising is a visual way of attracting visitors to your website, making use of advertising space around the internet.

    Google Shopping Ads

    If you’re an online retailer and you don’t have Google Shopping adverts set up, you are missing out on valuable, ready-to-buy customers.

    Re-marketing Ads

    If potential customers have visited your website, but not bought or enquired, remarketing is ideal to remind them to come back.

    Conversion Tracking

    We set up conversion tracking for all our campaigns, so you can clearly see where your budget is spent and what has turned into business.

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