Generated 500 New Leads per Month

Targeted lead generation campaign using paid ads.

Who Are Energy Suite?

Energy Suite is a home improvement company specialising in energy efficiency.

They offer heating, insulation, and renewable energy solutions to homeowners by accessing Government grants entitling some qualifying households to free energy efficiency upgrades.

They have helped thousands of customers over the last 10 years to make necessary upgrades to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

Peak Performance Marketing

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The Challenge/Brief

Energy Suite came to us with one core objective:

The energy grants available had various criteria that a homeowner needed to meet to be eligible. Part of our challenge was creating a strategy to target these homeowners and partly qualify them, without running the risk of making it too complicated for people to make the enquiry.

The Process

Identify target audience

Identify how to target them

Deploy targeted campaigns

Track and measure performance

Review, report and adjust

The Solution

Energy Suite were looking for results quickly, as there was a deadline on applications for the Government grants available. In such a competitive industry online, this meant we had to look at paid advertising campaigns for the following reasons:


To quickly get Energy Suite in front people who were proactively searching for keywords relating to their business.


To test the new website and ensure it converted well


To identify the best possible keywords that were being searched and converting into leads.

We recommended a combined strategy that included Google Ads and Social Media Ads for this campaign, with regular contact, updates, and end of month report.


Following extensive keyword research, we used Google Ads to test these keyword variations out and immediately start challenging for leads against other online competitors. We also targeted specific postcode regions where our client felt the best opportunities were.


We used Social Media Ads to increase Energy Suite’s brand awareness, to increase the awareness of the available Government Grants based on key demographics and to retarget those people who may have visited the website for more information but hadn’t yet enquired.


This carefully targeted campaign started generating results within the first week of launching and ended up generating the following results:


I never expected the level of activity that we have had. It has been hectic. The number of enquiries expressing an interest in the Green Home Grant scheme has been fantastic. This chapter of success is directly related to the expertise of Off Piste and the direction they have given us on the Google and Facebook platforms. For this, we will always sing your praises and be grateful.
Naeem Din