5x Return on Their Investment

Increased online bookings using a paid ads strategy.

Who Are Lucardo?

Lucardo is an interactive escape room experience in Manchester and Rawtenstall.

There are a number of themed escape rooms, requiring you to work as a team to solve various puzzles and riddles in order to escape within the given timeframe.

They have built a fantastic reputation for being one of the top ‘things to do’ in their respective areas and are constantly innovating to keep people coming back for more.

Peak Performance Marketing

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The Challenge/Brief

Lucardo came to us with a couple of objectives:

The Process

Identify target audience

Identify how to target them

Deploy targeted campaigns

Track and measure performance

Review, report and adjust

The Solution

Lucardo was looking for us to improve the campaigns they already had running. Here is what we did:


Reviewed the Google Ads account and from the large number of ad groups and campaigns they had running, we narrowed them down to identify those keywords that were generating consistent bookings.


We removed keywords which were wasting our client’s spend and really focused on the top performers.


We also reviewed the ad copy and made it more engaging to help increase the click through rate of the adverts.


We created a social media advertising strategy which helped us tap into new cold audiences and the retargeted the users that had shown more of an interest with a stronger sales message to encourage a booking.


This combined ads strategy helped Lucardo gain more reach in their industry in what was already a competitive ‘local’ market.

Some results we generated include:


They deliver results which keeps us wanting to do business with them. Matt & Kate are a great deal of fun to work with, unlike boring corporate companies.
Ian Pownall